Why Should I Become a Member?

Get access to some of the best private waterfowl hunting fields in Skagit County!

Avoid the 15-shell limit, long lines and over-hunted fields associated to "public hunts"!

Learn tried and true hunting techniques from seasoned guides and members!

Snow Geese

Snow Geese from Wrangel Island!

The majority of the snow geese that winter in Skagit County come from Wrangel Island, Russia.

Our Fir Island fields are known for holding thousands of snow geese every year!

Hunt on your own or join a Guided Hunt with one of our Pro Staff guides!

Ducks, ducks and more ducks!

Skagit County is the final stop for thousands of Northern mallards, pintail and wigeon.

Most every KWTH field has a ditch or body of water on it or surrounding it!

Hunt on your own or join a Guided Hunt with one of our Pro Staff guides!

What makes us different from the rest?

We are not your typical hunt club.

  • Prime Private Fields

    We grew up in this area and know which fields are hot and which are not! KWTH selects the best fields for its members!

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  • Lots & Lots of Fields

    We have lots of fields for our members to choose from. If one field is not producing, we'll help you find one that is!

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  • Personal Hunts

    If you are just looking for a field to setup your decoys on and hunt some birds, then we have all the fields you'll ever need!

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  • Guided Hunts

    If you are interested in learning how the experts do it, KWTH has some of the best guides in the state! Special pricing for members!

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  • Local Knowledge

    Our relationships with our farmers, WDFW officers, biologist, and local boys help us offer the best hunting experiences for our members!

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  • Scouting Reports

    Between KWTH management, members, our farmers, and WDFW officers, we find out where the birds are and how they're behaving!

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  • Blinds on Most Fields

    Between KWTH management, members, the farmers we work with, and WDFW officers, we got the scouting aspect under control!

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  • Assistance

    Some of our fields are far away from the parking spots. When possible, KWTH helps its members get their gear out to the field!

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Become a Member

Join our elite group of waterfowl hunters!

Discover some of the best waterfowl hunting Western Washington has to offer!


Prime Private Fields

We grew up in Skagit County and have hunted here for the past 35 years. We know the farmers, the fields, and the flyways. That's why KWTH works with select farmers and chooses the best fields possible for its members!


Lots & Lots of Fields

KWTH is not interested in locking down every field in the county! We are just interested in making sure our members have opportunities and options!

We try to keep a ten-to-one ratio (10 members to one field). So if we have 50 members, we try to have a minimum of five fields. If we are blessed to have more than that, then awesome!


Personal Hunts

Most hunters are experienced hunters just looking for a place to setup some decoys and pull the trigger. KWTH knows this and that's why we promote the phrase "Connecting Responsible Hunters to Prime Hunting Land".

Our goal is to help those who need help (learning to call, understanding decoy spreads, the importance of weather patterns, etc.) so eventually they can hunt like a pro, and on their own!


Guided Hunts

We really do have some of the best guides around! Tony understands weather patterns and bird behavior like no other. Rick is constantly researching new techniques and approaches and then seeing what works and what doesn't. These two guys compliment each other and we're thrilled to have them both on the KWTH team!


Local Knowledge

One of the coolest things about growing up in Skagit County and knowing most of the locals is... word gets around. I might walk in the store and see someone I know and immediately that person associates me to KWTH and starts telling me about all of the ducks and geese they saw on such & such field.

Having a good working relationship with WDFW officers and the farming community is a real plus too. We look for opportunities to help each other and identify ways to make waterfowl hunting more successful and farming more profitable!


Scouting Reports

We watch our fields closely. KWTH keeps open lines of communication with its farmers and members to find out what they are seeing in the valley! We also drive the fields daily and perform visual checks. We spend time glassing our fields (using binoculars) and studying bird behavior so we can report our findings back to our members!

Our goal is to keep our members well informed so they can make the best use of their precious time!


Blinds on Most Fields

We have blinds on most of our fields. We could build blinds on every field but we want to be able to offer members a variety.

Some members would rather hunt from layout blinds or ditch lines. They have told us that a field without a blind offers a more natural environment for the birds and they believe that enchances their hunting experience.



Some of our fields are 3/4 mile away from the parking lot. Some of our members have bad knees or backs. Some members like to bring a lot of decoys out! Sometimes members just need help!

KWTH gives special attention to members who need assistance or members who reserve certain fields (with long walks). If possible, we will meet our members at the field and help them get their gear and them our to the field using our ATVs.